What typical “Short term rental” problems do not exist when you rent your private room ?

Unusual breach of your house rules:

In houses entirely rented, the guests have the possibility to act as they like without you noticing anything before the end of their stay, or unless their abuse are detected by a neighbor. They can bring a pet, they can smoke in the rooms, carelessly rearrange the furniture, leave all windows open with the heating on, keep lights on 24/7, neglect a leak which becomes a huge plumbing problem. The list of small nuisance potentially become big can be long. When you rent a spare bedroom in your home, you do have the power to make them notice when they break the house rules. Then the nuisance can very quickly be fixed.

Extra guest sneaking in:

In some rare occasions, the guests who booked a place fully dedicated to them will be more than it was originally planned. Though it doesn’t happen often, it is a nuisance. Obviously it can be a loss of opportunity for more revenue for you, and it can also be a problem because you might not have prepared the place for more guests than expected. The guests will use more the amenities, they will dirty more towels, more linen, and they risk to damage things by sleeping in a sofa not dedicated to it or overcrowding your place. At the end of the day it is also a breach of trust: how can you trust your guest to pay attention to your place if they lied to you in the first place.

This situation cannot happen if you live in the same house than your guests because you would notice it right away. If the guest asks you at the last minute if an extra guest can stay with them you can have the power to accept and charge more or decline. In such situations it is a good idea to update the details of the booking to add a guest and request the extra money through the platform system. It can be important in terms of insurance.

House party:

In extremely rare occasions, guests book a place to make a party and then pay for the surface and the tranquility of not having to clean the mess after. It is a situation that break the news and has been part of the main problems that come up when short term rentals are criticized.

Guests who know that you share with them part of the house will never do such a thing. You are supervising the place and in all situation you are dominating the game between your guest and you. They would never even think about doing it. If you get along very well with your guest you could end up organising a nice evening with them and share some drinks but you would be at the root of it or the guests would have suggested it to you.

If you consider the situation from the other point of view, do not organize a party in your place when you have guests unless they have clearly expressed their agreement. Otherwise you would end with a spicy review.

Commercial use of your place:

This situation consists in guests renting your place and use it for business purposes, like meetings with customers, clients, etc. It is even more rare and is not as much of a problem as the house party, though it can be a nuisance for your neighbors. Especially if the listing is an apartment in a residential building and the neighbor realise that an unusual number of strangers are coming in and out of the building. The worst case would be that your guest are actually prostitutes. You can imagine what happens in the place. Obviously a private romm would never be booked for such activities.

Guests who don’t want to check out:

This could be the worst nightmare of a host renting an entire house. It would start by realizing that your guest didn’t respect the xheck-out time, then you would start to stress about the next guest who is arriving in only a few hours. This nightmare would need the express intervention of the platform support and possibly the police. Depending on your country, different laws can be inforced for that situation to evict squatters. If you rent a spare bedroom in your own house you would never meet such situations. In some cases the guest could ask if it is possible to extend his stay but he will not have any legal power to force you to anything. In such conditions I advise you to  update the details of his booking to add extra days and request the extra money through the platform system. It can be important in terms of insurance, in terms of support if the situation was to become difficult.

For all these situations, the fact that you share areas of your house with the guests protects you from any unusual use of the place that the guest would want to hide from you. If anything in their goals was not in accordance with your house rules, you would discover it quickly. You can detect unusual behaviour and act against it before the end of their stay, and avoid long lasting undesired situation that can impact negatively the integrity of your listing. 

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