The top 5 critera for your private bedroom rented to tourists in your home.

Don’t you want that your listing stands out in the long term ? To acheive that, you need good rates and good reviews. Your guests will first select your place on more general criteria, but which ones will make them choose your place ?

You will put all chances on your side if you focuss your efforts on the 5 criteria developped below. The value for these elements will be judged in the reviews. They are criteria on which you can take action. If you don’t work on these criteria, you will have lower ratings and bad comments. As a consequence you will have to lower your price to attract guests. And if your proposal is too cheap, you will guest cheap guests.

Large and comfortable bed

This is the most important element eventhough it is not usually expressed. The reason is simple, your guests are renting a place to sleep. The matress has to be comfortable and the bed frame solid. Duvets and pillow must be clean and warm. Your guests will expect that you provide sheets and linen for the bed. They will never assume that they have to bring their bedsheets because it is big and heavy, and take unnecessary room in their suitcase.

Travelers also expect you to have at least one bathtowel per person, and toilet paper available to them.  Sometimes they will bring their towels and most of the time they will have their soap and shampoo.

Private and isolated personnal space.

It means:

Do not enter the bedroom for no reason just because it is your house. Some guests might even ask for keys of the bedroom. In my experience it is related to their fear of being in the same roof as a stranger. I personally had twice that demand from women traveling alone. If you consider renting the couch in the living room, it is better if you don’t use the living room during their stay. Putting a curtain to separate the space is not enough. Or explain it clearly in your description.

 Don’t stress you guest senses and emotions:

  • The temperature must be comfortable. They need to feel warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • No noise, no smell, nothing must remind them that the space is shared with other people and make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Do not leave elements that remind your private life in the private room. It is different for the shared area like the living room, bathroom or the kitchen, but the area where the guest will rest on its own should be unpersonnal though cosy and comfortable.
  • Good lighting and plugs: the guests will need to charge their phones and they prefer if it is near the bed.

Wifi accessible from the room

Nowadays it is very important to have wifi. Your guests will need it to arrange their holiday, to relax when they are home (to scroll internet, check their social media, watch videos,…). They will definitly check in advance if you have wifi. Most of your travelers will come from a different country and will have limited access to internet. So they will prefer a house with wifi compared to the same type of listing but without wifi. They will use the wifi when they are on their phone and won’t feel so comfortable if they have to stand in a shared area to be connected.

No mess

The bedroom must not be a storage room for you. It shouldn’t give the feeling that you are hosting people in your office, your utility room or in your older son’s bedroom who is using it every weekend. If you have no choice but store elements in the room, put them in closed boxes and design the room to hide them from the view. For example you can store the boxes under the bed, in a closed closet or cover them with a nice blanket. Tidy shared areas will also be important at their arrival. Their judgment will be made in the first seconds of the check-in. You have to give a good first impression. If you didn’t have time to clean properly, let your guests know in advance, so that they are not surprised when they arrive. The solution is communication.

The room must be practical for your guests

You must leave them space to unpack. It is the opportunity for you to provide elements that help them be tidy or help you anticipate the cleaning of the room. For example if the guests hang their coats in the bedroom, put a rack and some clothe hangers easily visible. Put a small carpet on the floor of you want to protect the floor. It is also important that you don’t judge the mess they can make in the bedroom during their stay. Most guests are not tidy and will not unpack their suitcase in the cabinet you have dedicated for that purpose. They are more likely going to cover the floor with their clothes and belongings. You must remember that it is easier for them and it is not damaging anything.

On the basis of these elements you can choose the decoration that is in line with your personnality. There is no good or bad choice. From the decoration visible on your pictures you will attract guests that will feel comfortable with your decoration and the atmosphere that comes from it.


Remember that your goal is to earn money. To acheive that goal, you need bookings, and the reservations will come from the good rating of your place and the reviews your previous guests will have left. It is important to invest in the good things to make your guests happy. 

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