The 5 top critera that are very important for your shared area in your home

Discreet access to go in and out of your place

It is not good if they had to walk through your bedroom to circulate in the apartment. If you can arrange the bedroom in a room near your entrance door, you will not be bothered by the noise when they come back late at night. They will feel more confident with your place if they don’t have to cross half of the house. So, don’t put them in the attic unless you are an extravert who really want to bump into your guests as soon as they exit their room.

Smoking area if your apartment is non-smoking

You may argue that if you are renting a non smoking place you expect that nobody smokes in it. The trick is that you will have smokers anyway. It can be nice for them to know that there is an area where they can smoke without making you angry. A terrace, a balcony or a backyard can do it. Prepare something where they can trash their cigarets butts. Remind them not to put them in the bins inside the apartment if you don’t want bad smells.

Good and easy-to-use amenities in the bathroom and kitchen

Bathroom: hair dryer, space to put their tooth brush and products, a towel rack. I have noticed that my guests never leave their towel in my shared bathroom, they hang them in their bedroom. So I have put hangers and a towel rack in the bedroom to avoid that the humidity damage my surfaces.

Kitchen: If you travel to different continents, you may realise that there are cultural differences at every level of our daily life. If your guests are not familiar with your equipment, they risk to use it the wrong way and damage it for good. It is possile that they damage the cattle, stove, oven… Make a note explaining how to use the different equipment that your guests could use.

Many rolls of toilet paper in the toilets

It is very important for your guests that they feel comfortable in the toilets. They shouldn’t have the bad surprise of running short of toilet paper. Make sure that you have several packs of rolls stored in your toilets so you never put your guests in an awkward position.

Tidy and clean space

If the space is messy they will not respect it. If you keep it clean they will do the same and clean their mess after they have used the area. It is also true for the dishes in the sink in the kitchen. You should think of what you would do if you were staying in a dirty and untidy strangers’ house . You might not want to pay a lot of attention to anything, and may want to escape the area as soon as possible.

short term rental shared area top 5 criteria