Why is it so quick to set up a private room for rent?

The room is already here!

The advantage is that the room is in your house, so it already exists. You only have to configure the space and adapt it to guests.

If you have the necessary furniture to set up a decent bedroom, everything can be set up in just a few hours.

To make sure you haven’t forgotten anything, I recommend you spend a night in your private room. Testing your room before renting it will allow you to check that the bedding is complete, that the bed is comfortable, that the surrounding of the bed allow easy movement. In short, make sure that everything is ready. Also try to circulate with a suitcase and to open it in the room.

Quick results

Creating an account on a short-term rental platform is very quick. You only need a few minutes to fill in all the descriptive fields of your profile, write your ad and import photos of the room and the shared areas, and voila. At first you can write a short description in order to launch your process. You will have the freedom to come back to it at any time to add more information in the different description fields.

Furthermore, when you create a profile on Airbnb, the site asks you only the essential elements. When you reconnect in the future you will see new fields, where you can be more descriptive. Airbnb works this way so as not to discourage you from creating your profile and to complete this creation as quickly as possible for you.

The listing will be posted very quickly. When it is created, there can be an incompressible validation time before your ad is visible to site visitors. It is a matter of a few hours. Once this validation is obtained, any action on your part will have an instant impact. You can potentially get bookings for the same day. This is rare but you must avoid being overwhelmed by this kind of case by configuring booking conditions that protect you.

Reservations can be instantaneous if you have accepted this option. You must therefore be very careful and check regularly your owner account. The ideal is to use the application of your platform on your smartphone in order to have notifications with each reservation request or each time a tenant sends you a message.

Despite everything, remember that your ad will be subject to the laws of supply and demand. So, depending on your location, the period of availability, and the price you charge, you will get reservations more or less easily and quickly. At first, you will have to do price tests in order to be able to adjust to the value felt by visitors to your ad.

Instant communication

Once you get reservations, you have access to a detailed description of each reservation. You will find in your emails and on the platform all the information provided by your tenants.

You can communicate with your guests directly through the tools available to you: chat, emails, phone. It is very important to communicate with them as soon as they book and ask them for all the information you need for the logistics of their reception.

Instant update of your description

Any modification to your description or photos will also be immediate. You can change your price per night or create new reservation conditions. These changes will be implemented instantaneously on the website and the app. However, your modifications will not be able to affect reservations already acquired in the past. Any modification of the cancellation conditions, cleaning fees or prices per night are recorded at the time of the reservation of your tenants. The parameters that were in place at that time of their booking will rule their reservation.

Rent is transferred automatically

On Airbnb and most platforms, the rent is paid by bank transfer by the guest when they book. This rent will also be transferred to your bank account after the guests have checked in. You will not have to wait for the end of the month to get the rent, as it is generally the case in traditional furnished rentals.

Airbnb sends you an email the day after the arrival of your tenants to inform you of the transfer of their corresponding rent. This will appear on your bank or Paypal account in the days that follow.

When your tenants check in, they generally have nothing to do regarding the rent. However, check the process specific to the platform you are using. In the past, many agencies did not manage rents and you had to collect the balance of the rent in cash upon arrival. For some sites, your tenant had to give you a confirmation code which you then had to enter on the platform in order to initiate the transfer. These practices tend to disappear in favor of an automatic bank transfer.

Freedom to stop and start again your activity whenever you want

The advantage of this activity is that you are not engaged in a bank loan. Your only commitment is to respect reservations that you have accepted in the future. Based on this principle, you can instantly change the availability of your room. You can block or make available the days that suit you in a few clicks, and these changes will be updated immediately.

You are the only one who can act on the availability calendar of your ad. You can therefore decide the number of days during which your room is available or not for rental. So, you can decide to stop or resume when you want.

Likewise, you can choose to show or hide your private room ad at any time. Your decision will be applied instantly.


Freedom is the characteristic of this source of income. You can test it on a whim and get your first tenants in a matter of hours. You can also decide at any time if you block or free your calendar for future periods. Thanks to the applications you can know in real time the status of your reservations, communicate instantly with your tenants, and react instantly to any decision you make.

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