How to provide a great sleeping experience to your guests?

A comfortable bed is an element that is often forgotten because it is not part of the main decision criteria for travelers. Though, the quality of the bed is essential for your tenants to have a good stay. Indeed, they will choose to rent your room on the basis of your price per night, your location and your photos. They will be reassured if you have a good rating and many good reviews. But precisely if the bed is not comfortable, they will tell you about it in the comments and this may affect your future reservations.

Mattress, mattress cover, pillows and duvets

Choose a comfortable mattress

It is very important to provide a clean and comfortable mattress to your guests. You can give them your old mattress if you know that you are still sleeping comfortably in it: if you do not feel any holes, any springs, or if you do not roll towards the center of the mattress if two persons sleep in it.

Your tenants will not usually see the mattress directly. But if they strip off the bed on the last day, they should not have an unpleasant surprise when they see many patches of dark colors.

Protect it with a pad

The best method to efficiently protect your mattress is to use a mattress pad. This will prevent any blood stains or accidental humidification to stain the mattress. You must use a waterproof pad with a face covered with a soft material to avoid any discomfort. Indeed, if the sheet is placed directly on a plastic cover, there won’t be a good ventilation. Your tenant will sweat in his sleep and his humidity will not be easily evacuated. He will feel his sweat and sleep poorly.

A matterss topper should be washed as soon as spots appear, but also not excessively (temperature too high, or too often) or you risk to weaken its impermeability.

Add nice pillows

It is nice to provide two pillows per person on the bed. It’s probably more than you have for yourselves, but you want to give a memorable experience to your guest. Little touches of attention will be very appreciated, so try to exceed the standards. I always give one hard pillow and one soft pillow for each person, and I let them choose to use one or both.

Provide a warm duvet

A warm duvet for winter is also important because it will always be easier to remove the duvet, if your tenants are too hot, than to warm up the room if the duvet is not thick enough. To avoid this risk, I also leave a fleece blanket near the bed.

In summer I completely remove the duvet and I leave only put the duvet cover on top of the bed. I put it folded on the mattress, so it shows that the sheets have not been used before. I imagine that it can give a good impression to tenants who would have a doubt.

Wash the pillows and duvets about twice a year at up to 40 °C or less than 100F. The important thing is not to have stains or yellow which can then generate bad odors.


Your guests will not have a significant requirement on the colors or the age of your sheets if they are comfortable. As long as they are not stained, torn or visibly washed out, you can use them without risking bad comments.

However, they must be clean, and they must smell clean. Avoid having hair on the sheet when you prepare the bed. 

Before washing the sheets, check that there are no blood stains because they could leave indelible marks. Blood stains are removed very easily with soap and cold water. Wipe out all these stains and then you can put the sheet in the washer with the rest of the linen. I always wash at least 60 ° C. This will kill any bedbugs and avoid spreading them in my laundry closet.


Select good value sheets to ensure that the quality is reasonable, and also not to get frustrated if they are stained by your tenants. Personally, I bought IKEA sheet sets for around € 30-40 / sheet set. My tenants have always been satisfied with it.

If you deal with the laundry yourself, you should buy sheets that are not too thick so you can wash them easily and dry them quickly. If your sheets are too large and thick, they will hardly enter the washing machine, and this will make logistics longer to manage. Remember to keep things simple and easy for you.


As you know, there is no accounting for tastes, and one cannot please everyone. So, there is no color you should favor. Many homeowners prefer using white sheets. They can be bleached to remove stains. They can be washed very hot and thus eliminate allergens due to mites. You must still be vigilant for blood stains and remove them with cold water and soap before washing.

I don’t really like white sheets because I think that hairs and hair are very visible on it. I don’t like that. In addition, I have the impression that they tarnish very quickly. They quickly give the impression of being worn out.

I prefer colored sheets with many decorative elements because it helps to hide old stains. The colors patterns can hide the little blood stains we would have missed in a previous wash.

Extra sheet tip

A technique to save washing is to use a flat sheet that you put between the duvet cover and the mattress cover (fitting sheet). It is also called “triple sheeting”.

When your tenants go into the bed, they will be between the fitting sheet and this flat sheet. They will not be in contact with the duvet cover. So it will not be necessary to clean the duvet cover between every guests and save energy. The advantage is that you have less volume of sheets to wash. It is up to you to see if you think this will be a suitable method for you.

I do not practice this technique because I think it would sometimes be difficult to judge if the duvet cover should be washed and I do not want the tenant to be disappointed by bad smells that I would not have detected. I therefore prefer to wash everything systematically between each rental.


The quality of the bed is a major criterion for the success of your private room, and it will leave the memory of a good stay to your tenants. It is important to invest in this comfort.

I strongly encourage you to sleep several nights in the bed of your rental in order to feel if everything is good or if you need to improve things.

All the little extras that you make to please your tenants are important. For example, put an outlet near the headboard of the bed so that your tenants can recharge their mobile phones or tablets.

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