Why you shouldn’t enter your guests’ room during their stay?

To respect their space and privacy.

Just like you would not want them to visit your own room, do not visit theirs. Although these persons are in your own personal home, they have paid to occupy a private space, and you should respect it. Though many people will easily accept that you enter the room during their absence, it is best to ask them in advance and get their direct agreement. If they understand that you went to their room in their absence without notifying them, they can get upset and take revenge in the reviews.

If you have set up shared areas in your home, it means that there are private areas too. So, to avoid any misunderstanding, do not hesitate to discuss this point at the time of their check-in. Sometimes your tenants will ask you if the room locks. Think of this possibility ahead, and in this case, give them a key. They need to feel comfortable and safe in your home.

Do not to worry about the state of the room

This may seem absurd, but I noticed it during my exchanges with other owners: the majority of your travelers will unpack their bags by laying things around everywhere and in most cases, you wouldn’t like it. Because they travel with too many things packed in a small bag, they will spend their time sorting through their belongings, and living in total disorder. You shouldn’t blame them! After all, they will not settle down in the room as if they lived there full time.

You must ignore this area of ​​your accommodation, and not think about the state in which you will find it because, in 99% of cases, everything will be perfectly in order when they leave your accommodation and their suitcases are packed.


Organize everything so that you don’t have to go into that room for the duration of their stay. This space is dedicated to them, and it shouldn’t store things that you may need regularly.

– If you have stored personal belongings in their room that you use very rarely but that you need during their stay, notify your tenants in advance and ask their agreement to step in the room. They know you are in your own house, so they have no reason to say no. To ask them is to show them respect, and this will maintain a relationship of trust between you and them.

Do not worry if there are things laying around because it will be all in good order the day of departure. They will pack back everything. Anticipate this situation and leave plenty of space on the floor and on shelves so they can feel comfortable with their spreading stuff everywhere. Do not clutter the space with trinkets and fragile things. You can provide small carpets on the floor to protect the carpet or wood floor from scratches and dirt caused by the suitcases. You can put small storage units at the foot of the walls to prevent marks on the paint by the knocking and rubbing of the suitcases.

– If you hear a sudden and loud noise coming from their room, go quickly to the room door and knock on the door to ask them if everything is ok. Only open if they confirm that everything is ok for them that you do so. You can ask them to come in simply because you want to check something with them, but treat them like adults, not like children.

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