What are the 5 things you need to do to give a perfect first impression to your tenants?

The best way for you to have many reservations is to have good reviews on your listing. To acheive this goal, it is necessary that everything goes well for your tenants. It only takes a few actions to anticipate to cover 99% of the risks. It’s all about good communication, and it can be automatized with a few tools and pre-recorded messages. Here are the elements to set up to put all the odds on your side.

1. Anticipate the difficulties they might encounter in getting to your accommodation.

To avoid any problem, you must describe step by step each of the stages of the route from their arrival at the nearest station or airport, all the way to your home. It is important that you remind them of the exact address once they have booked. Do not hesitate to give them again the information a few days before their arrival. List them the applications that you use to move around your city.

If they arrive by car, remind them of the specificities of your street which can become a trap for those who don’t know your neighborhood. Explain them, for example, if your entrance is not very visible because it is hidden by trees. Indicate the name of the nearest store after which they must turn to enter your driveway…

The best thing to do is to write all this information once and for all in a PDF document that you will send by email to each of your tenants a few days before their arrival.

2. Organize autonomous check-ins

It is important so your tenants do not have to wait for you or anyone. It will also avoid you to wait for them. There is nothing more frustrating for your tenants to have to wait outside while waiting for the door of your rental to be opened. It will be the same for you if you have to stay at home to wait for your next tenants when their flight is delayed but they have not kept you informed… Fortunately, there are many ways that will allow you to dematerialize this process with storage padlocks or connected locks. These will save everyone’s time and frustration.

3. Provide everything that will be essential for a pleasant stay

Write a welcome guide in which you should list anything that might cause questions from your tenants. List the answer to the main questions they could have, and everything that you don’t want to be disturbed about. You should know that habits and customs can vary greatly among countries and continents. Yours guests do not necessarily have the same types of equipment as you have, and what may seem logical to you is not for many. So, to avoid accidents due to misuse of your equipment, it is better to anticipate clear explanations:

  • Recall the wifi connection codes, explain any character which can cause confusion (for example a “lowercase L” can be confused with an “uppercase i”)
  • Show them how the front door works and how to lock it properly.
  • Provide explanations of the light buttons which can be difficult to operate (dimmers, specific sliding buttons that can go back and forth, etc.)
  • Indicate how to turn on and adjust the heating or air conditioning
  • Put stickers on the most fragile equipment to explain how to turn it on and off, and which programs to use. This is especially important if your tenants have access to the washing machine, the oven, or if your cable TV works with several unintuitive remote controls. These precautions will prevent you from finding your equipment out of order or broken.
  • Explain if hot water is managed in a particular way using a mixer, if a specific button needs to be pressed for example.  If there is limited amount of hot water contained in a tank, explain how it can be enhanced, or explain clearly that once the tank is empty there will be no hot water until the next day…

4. Provide information about your neighborhood

It is important that your hosts can find a good bakery, a supermarket nearby, the nearest bus or metro station, etc. Share with them your good addresses, your favorite restaurants, and all your tips for getting around easily. It may not seem like much to you, but to them it means a lot.

5. Personalize the private room and shared areas

The tenants of your room will prefer a room decorated with original elements rather than having an impersonal room. If the decoration of Ikea is going to suit many, you can add elements that reflect your personality and whose photos will attract customers on the same wave-length as you. Don’t put too much either! Create a peaceful atmosphere in the entire place. Remember that they will also need space to open their suitcases and their things, so don’t put too many things on the shelves and on the floor.


By making yourself very available and by responding very quickly to your tenants’ questions from day one, you make sure that you will make a great impression on them, you reduce the risk of problems, and… icing on the cake: you will ultimately be very little disturbed during the rest of their stay. Efficient and well-prepared communication will guarantee you peace of mind.

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